SAP BO Performance Tuning

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BI performance tuning is an art! You have to be an artist to be able to see (or better imagine) the complex patterns that make up a performance problem. These patterns mostly start with an end user call that describes a report or query behavior in terms of "it used to be fast but now it is slow. What happens next requires extensive expertise in several areas of Business Intelligence and beyond. This type of expertise is the core of what element61 consultants stand for.

On top of this, element61 tries to use a methodological approach to analyse and address performance issues. Some aspects of this approach are technology agnostic (not specific to SAP Business Objects), others require good knowledge of complex configuration and parameterization options specific to SAP Business Objects. Both aspects place element61 in a good position to help you get a grip on your performance issues.

If we make it a bit more concrete. If the investigation of the performance issue with the Business Objects application server, shows the root cause lays with certain query and analysis behavior of a limited set of power users. What can be done about this ? Are you for example able to allow client tool usage for this set of users ? (did you architect for this ?) Do you give them Web Intelligence Rich Client, Desktop Intelligence, Crystal Reports, BEx Analyzer or

One other example. Your Web Intelligence report on top of an SAP BW OLAP universe is not running very fast. You did all the right things, like building the OLAP universe on top of a BEx Query, working with SAP Variables, but still it is slow. Moreover, the same BEx Query does run fast in BEx Analyzer. Did we do something wrong? Not necessarily. First of all, it is not abnormal a BEx Query through BEx Analyzer seems to be faster then a similar Web Intelligence report on the same query. Not only the technology through which BEx Analyzer connects is different, it also fetches data in a different way. Where BEx Analyzer goes "step by step, Web Intelligence often fetches the end result "in one time and allows on report analysis. If even after taking this into consideration, the conclusion is still that there is a performance issue, we would suggest to look into the several layers involved in translating a Web Intelligence report to a database query. Starting from the generated MDX statement, over the SAP BW application layer to the actual SQL(s) on the RDBMS.

Finally, at element61, we most of the time don't stop after solving the performance issue. We prefer to work on a structural auditing solution in order to prevent and/or pro-active alert performance issues. The SAP Business Objects toolset gives us a variety of options to do this. Ranging from options with (system) logs to the built in repositories for (operational) metadata, from limiting the number of report versions per user to limiting/controlling (scheduled) report runs.

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