Executive Training in Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Executives and managers are looking to get a perspective beyond the buzzwords of Big Data and Advanced Analytics. They are in search for a summary business view of ‘what is it, ‘how can it disrupt or help them’ and ‘what you need to do to get started’. With that ambition, we host a 1-day executive workshop program where we share insights and ideas about what is possible in today’s world and where we will inspire and trigger participants to think about the usage of data within their domain. 

Course Objective

The objective of our executive workshop is to educate, inspire and align an organization in the matter of Big Data and Advanced Analytics. The ambition is to empower executives with the required knowledge and perspectives to envision a strategy and define its next steps how Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning can be applied in your line of business. 


  • You are an executive or manager realizing the potential value data and analytics can bring to your organization.
  • You are looking for insights and potential machine learning use cases there are in your line of business.
  • You are interested in how you can get started with Advanced Analytics. 


During this 1-day executive workshop, we'll guide you through following agenda: 

Executive Training in Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Traditionally the first hour focuses on a “Why should I care?”. We jump back in time and sketch how analytics and data have reached the relevance they have today, which technological trends have driven this emerging domain and which reflections these now brings to managers.

Next, we deep-dive into “What opportunities are there for me”. We will inspire you and trigger discussions by presenting 10 to 15 use-cases which have disruption potential in your industry.  This brings a momentum to reflect, criticize and brainstorm; the workshop definitely aims to have open discussions and think without boundaries about potential applications. As such, this workshop is relevant for mixed audiences (more advanced participants with some prior knowledge about analytics, big data and machine learning and people with no prior analytics knowledge). This section typically takes 3 to 4 hours.

In the afternoon, we reflect on “How to get started” and "how you should organize your teams" to bring our ideas to reality. We will discuss approaches on how to prioritize and how to define measurable Proof Of Concepts. We’ll share typical caveats and practical tips on how to avoid them.

At the end of this inspiring day, you should be equipped with enough information to reflect what opportunities there are in your organization, how you should set up your teams and how you can measure the success of your efforts. 


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