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DataStories is a fast-growing Belgian data science software company offering DataStories, a self-service analytics software for Data Citizens & Scientist delivering on-the-spot AI insights & algorithms.

Their mission is to help companies make data-driven decisions and innovations by empowering the domain experts with self-service predictive software embedding AI and machine learning. The proprietary algorithms embbeded in the software are designed to address & answer four main challenges:

  • What are the drivers impacting my KPIs/Targets/Scores?
  • What should I change by how much to achieve optimal KPIs? (What is the optimal formulation leading to optimal KPIs)
  • How are my flavours, ingredients, scores, external conditions and even process parameters connected to each other?
  • What are exceptions to the rule – the possible edge cases which require attention of my experts.


DataStories’ unique IP and software technology addresses a critical need in data interpretation – it provides a direct feedback loop from machine learning to focussed optimal actions. In short, their technology provides focus (the minimum necessary and sufficient list of metrics impacting your key performance indicators), and provides optimal settings on how to achieve the desired levels of performance within the business constraints.

element61 is a partner of DataStories in helping organisations implement & use DataStories software in their innovation tracks & analytics architecture.

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