Case Studies

Renson Ventilation
Organization & context Renson is a Belgian manufacturing company internationally active and committed to “Creating healthy spaces” . With a central focus on R&D and innovation within this market, Renson has a broad range of...
Roularta Media Group
Roularta Media Group owes its leading position in the Belgian publishing industry to its innovative spirit and eye for media trends. Staying relevant to its readers is key to Roularta’s competitive strategy, but its existing technologies didn’t...
Every month, ColliShop - the non-food e-commerce of Colruyt Group - sends out paperback folders to their customers. Sending these - on average - 200k pieces a month makes this a very cost intensive and non-ecological communication channel. In a push...
Vlaamse Vervoersmaatschappij De Lijn (VVM)
Organization De Lijn is the publicly-owned company responsible for the preparation, planning and execution of all public transport in Flanders by bus or tram. It employs approximately 7.000 employees. Challenge: using data to improve communication...
Organization Meat&More is a fast-growing company in the food industry specialising in meat and ready-to-eat products. Meat&More works end-to-end and is active from production to retail-sales. They have two commercial channels: Buurtslagers...