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QlikView Business Analytics & Business Discovery

QlikView Business Analytics & Business Discoveryelement61 may seem pretty new in the QlikView eco-system, but -as always- we made sure that our QlikView team is composed out of Senior and experienced Consultants only.

This makes it possible for us to assist your organization from the choice for till the implementation of QlikView. We help you to create a natural path from data to decisions, enabling your users to make discoveries that drive innovative decisions.

We do this through a number of services in the QlikView area.

Seeing is Believing

QlikView is often told to be fast, lightning fast, in its development of a workable solution. Too true. But it also needs reflection on the functionality you want to put in it. Or on the self-service degree you want it to offer. On the final goals you want to achieve with it ...

That is why you need Senior QlikView consultants, with a thorough knowledge of both technical constraints and business processes. Only after several years of QlikView development, a consultant will be able to conduct a "Seeing is Believing" workshop and meet high quality standards. That is why not only certification is important, but also the knowledge of the processes behind large(r) projects - and that is exactly what our team of highly specialized consultants can offer you.

QlikView Implementation

After the choice for QlikView has been made, it is clear that you should aim to set up your environment in a way that it does not only meet your expectations now and tomorrow, but also after the future developments.

Let us not forget that a BI-project is constantly evolving and growing and before anything else a Business driven initiative. Long years of experience in complex environments have taught us that the basis on which one builds the QlikView environment defines the strength of the solution long-term and the adoption by the business users after delivery. Therefor, it is of utmost importance to think through a solid architecture, especially in large organizations, but also in smaller environments like departmental deployments.

QlikView Knowledge Transfer

A project doesn't end when the consultant "has left the building". Most likely, the users will ask for even more new insights that lead to new discoveries and yet more solid decisions.
But then again, it is probably not the best solution to go find all of the QlikView knowledge outdoors.

Our consultants have been trained to pass on their knowledge along the way, during the development they realize for your organization. This is called our "coaching & co-development" approach. To do so, they will organize workshops on the use and the development of QlikView, the best practices and coding guidelines that should be followed to make sure that your QlikView project is -and remains over time- a success and leads to added value for your organization. Even after they have delivered their part of the project. Even if and when your own collaborators continue the development and deployment of the solution.

Aftercare QlikView Performance Tuning Services

Many times, a QlikView project grows to become a company-wide deployment. It is a good idea to have it screened every now and then by a trained and experienced professional who will analyze whether it can be optimized in terms of performance and/or functionality. And who will tell you whether it is advisable to do so, based on common cost/benefit questions.

QlikView Audit & Best Practices

Many of our customers ask for an audit of their applications, just to make sure that the best possible way has been chosen in the development and/or deployment of their QlikView environment. Both technical and conceptual aspects of your solution can be analyzed by someone who has knowledge of business processes and QlikView related technical issues.

Our QlikViews Competence Center USP's

  • Seniority & Experience
  • Business Knowledge
  • A team, not an individual
  • Insight in "best practice" Qlikview architecture & coding
  • Broader view on datawarehouse-architecture & CPM
  • Broader view on other leading Business Analytics technologies

Contact us to learn more about QlikView and our QlikView Competence Center.

If you want to give Qlikview a try, you can download a free version of QlikView right here and start the "Seeing is Believing" experience.