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Flavours of Power BI

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Over the years Power BI evolved a lot and with this originated several ways of working with it. There are different license models, free and paying. Next to a desktop version there is also a cloud version and recently Microsoft released an on-premise server version. How do you start and what license do you need? In the cloud, or on-premise? In this insight, I’ll try to explain the different flavours of Power BI.

Professional testing of a Qlik application

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Creating a Dashboard is not always an easy thing. It requires a lot of collaboration between the consultant, end-users, management and the IT department. As element61, our goal is to deliver quality which means delivering correct data that the end users can rely on day after day. To guarantee the long-term correctness of data, one needs to thoroughly structure the back- and front- end and have a verification method in place towards validating the data. As Qlik experts, we have the responsibility to get things right.

A. Schulman Plastics - Finance Cost Center reporting

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The goal of the project was to have standard management report on functional level, with drill-down/drill through functionality to a number of predefined reports/dimensions.
In addition, a self-service query model was made available which allows controllers to easily and quickly do their functional cost analysis. The data needed to be available at the lowest level grain (BPCS journal line level). Hyperion budget data (and non-BPCS actuals) was added to the level of BPCS CostCenter.

A. Schulman Plastics - Sales

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Analysis/Design and Build of data warehouse and reporting environment of all Sales related reporting/analysis requirements.  Project was executed with a mixed team of element61 resources and ASI resources (both local and near shore in UK and Poland), managed by element61 project management.  All development was done in a coaching and co-development model between element61 and ASI resources.  During this phase of the project the existing non-sales legacy environment was uplifted from Cognos 8 to 10 (Cognos datamanager and Cognos BI).  Main source system for this was BPCS


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