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Technical components for a data-driven advertising business

Mediahuis is an organisation in a very dynamic market that is in full transformation. Increased digitization and a relentless focus on providing relevant content (for both readers as ad-clients) highlights the importance and need for a solid marketing platform. There is an existing solution (or a range of solutions) at Mediahuis, but the question has risen what technical components are needed to be tooled for the advertising-business ambitions outlined for the next 3 to 5 years.

The objective of the exercise will be to grasp all client needs, all business ideas and all emerging opportunities into a holistic structured overview on first which direction Mediahuis wants to go with data and second on what technical components are needed to enable that direction. This project was a first step - i.e., one of knowledge, understanding and structure - into smartly defining and implementing the right data driven technical architecture for the advertising market of Mediahuis.

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