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Davy Knuysen

Strategy & Operations experience
12 years
Principal Business Analytics Architect

Davy Knuysen is active in Business Intelligence en Data Warehousing since 2006. Davy Knuysen graduated in Applied Information Technology at the Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg and started his professional career 15 years ago as a programmer and database expert.

Since 2006, Davy has been specializing in BI and became an expert in Microsoft Business Intelligence, with a profound knowledge of the full Microsoft BI Stack, including Integration Services (ETL), Analysis Services (OLAP and tabular cubes), Reporting Services and PowerBI.

As Principal BI Architect, Davy also gathered lots of experience in analysing complex reporting requirements, data modelling, building Proof Of Concepts and coaching. Davy loves to share his knowledge and to educate others. Because of his passion for SQL Server and Microsoft BI, Davy is also active in the SQL Server community as a member of Davy joined element61 from Ordina, where he was Microsoft BI Competence Leader and currently is also the Knowledge Lead in the element61 Microsoft BI Competence Center.

In his free time, Davy loves to spend time with his family and enjoying nature on his mountainbike.